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Nursing home abuse and neglect can't be ignored

Having a loved one who is in a nursing home means that your loved one is trusting that the staff members will do what they need to help with every aspect of their care. Many nursing home employees are in the business because they truly care about the residents. However, there are some employees who are all about the money.

When a nursing home employee is reporting to work simply to collect a paycheck, there could be problems. Some of these employees just don't take care of the residents in the manner they should. Unfortunately, the residents are the ones who suffer when this happens.

Hazardous premises conditions could lead to injury in New York

Though many people do not fear suffering injuries when they go out shopping or to get a quick bite, it is possible that they could find themselves involved in an accident. Certain conditions on the property of those locations could potentially create hazards that put patrons at risk. If an individual falls or suffers an injury due to other factors, he or she may have cause to pursue compensation.

New York residents may be interested in one woman's case currently taking place in another state. Reports indicated that she had just finished dining at a Taco Bell restaurant when an injury-causing incident occurred. Apparently, the floor near the exit was wet, and as a result, the woman slipped on the wet surface and fell to the ground.

Construction sites and ladder accidents: Stay safe!

Ladders are part of the job in construction work. People use them day in and day out without mishap. But it takes just one shortcut, misstep or mistake for a serious ladder accident to happen.

Construction workers, painters and others who use fixed or movable ladders should be familiar with the common causes of ladder and scaffolding accidents and how to avoid dangerous situations.

Foreign substances could lead to premises liability claims

Falling due to the conditions on someone else's property can have serious effects on a person. In many cases, falls can result in an individual suffering severe injuries that considerably impact his or her abilities and life. When such injuries occur, it is not unlikely for premises liability claims to be made in hopes of working toward compensation.

New York residents may be interested in such a situation that recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that a woman was at a shopping mall when she slipped and fell due to a foreign substance on the walkway. She believes that the company which owns the mall is liable for the incident and her resulting injuries due to failing to keep the area clean, allowing the substance to stay on the floor and failing to inspect the premises.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Who’s at fault?

We all know that accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Usually, we try to make decisions that keep us from harm, but sometimes, it is impossible to avoid an accident. Imagine doing a bit of weekend shopping. As you were about to take your first step down the stairs to get to the first floor of your favorite shop, you slip on a tile and fall down the first flight. X-rays reveal cracked ribs and a broken arm.

Now, you must figure how you are going to pay for the medical expenses your insurance does not cover. You will be off the job for several weeks while you wait for your doctor to give you clearance to resume working.

New York car accident claims life of professor

Pain, grief, confusion and many other emotions can often overwhelm individuals who suddenly lose a loved one. A car accident is a common type of incident that leads to fatalities, and many people struggle in the aftermath of such an event. For those individuals, knowing where to start in hopes of moving on can seem like an impossible task. 

The family of one woman may be hoping to find their best way to cope after a recent accident in New York. Reports stated that the woman was driving a minivan west when her vehicle was hit from behind by a box truck. It was unclear what may have caused the truck driver to strike the van. Nonetheless, the initial collision caused the minivan to hit multiple other vehicles.

Fatal accident may leave New York family with hardships

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can is challenging under any circumstances. Ensuring that funeral arrangements and other affairs are in order can be stressful, time consuming and expensive. When a car accident results in the sudden death of a loved one, the family of the victim may face these difficulties and many others. 

One family may be experiencing such hardships after a recent crash in New York. Reports stated that the incident involved two vehicles and occurred at an intersection. A car was traveling north with three occupants when the vehicle was hit in the side by an SUV traveling west. It is suspected that one vehicle ran a red light, but it was unclear which driver may have done so.

Yes, you can fight against police brutality

If you live and work in New York City, you know that police interactions can go sideways. Many citizens -- especially people of color -- have good reason to be leery of encounters with police. 

While this state of affairs is always more complex than simply framing the police as criminals in uniform, police brutality is a real thing. It's always at the back of one's mind and for hundreds of individuals each year it plays out in real life. You do have legal recourse if you are the victim of police misconduct and civil rights violations.

Failing to maintain safe conditions may cause New York injuries

Most individuals spend a good deal of their time on property owned by other people. Though most ventures out of one's own home take place without any unexpected occurrences, some visitors could face injuries if property conditions pose hazards. Failing to maintain safe conditions can often result in parties slipping, tripping or otherwise falling and suffering harm.

New York residents may be interested in such an incident that recently took place in another state. One woman claims that while visiting a facility where she undergoes kidney dialysis, she tripped near the building's exit. Apparently, the area posed a risk due to uneven carpeting, and the woman tripped over the carpet and fell to the ground. The incident apparently caused her to suffer injuries, but it was unclear what the extent of those injuries might have been.

Are you the first line of support after a catastrophic injury?

If a loved one was involved in a bad accident, they may be dealing with serious injuries, which means you are dealing with them too. A spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury can have a huge impact on the person's life, as well as the family members who are responsible for caring for the individual.

There are several points that caregivers need to remember when caring for an injury victim. Consider these points if your loved one is injured in a car crash or other type of accident:

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