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When medical professionals breach the accepted standard of care

By law and by professional oath, physicians have a duty to provide competent medical advice and treatment. A mistake or lapse can be fatal or life-changing. In a medical malpractice lawsuit, doctors are not judged by whether they are perfect. They are judged by whether they deviated from the “standard of care” owed to the patient.

If the lawsuit goes to trial – as is often the case with medical malpractice – other medical professionals are called upon to testify whether the doctor breached that trust and provided substandard medical care. The standard of care varies with the situation, but it can be defined.

Injuries from a New York slip and fall could warrant legal action

It is easy to suddenly become involved in an injury-causing accident. Unexpected conditions on someone's property may arise that present a risk that was not obviously noticeable, and as a result, a person could slip and fall. This type of accident is known for causing injuries that can seriously impact an individual's life.

New York residents may be interested in one woman who suffered such injuries after an incident in another state. Reports indicated that the woman was at an electronics store when the incident occurred. Apparently, she was walking toward the register area of the establishment when she slipped in a wet substance on the floor. As a result, she fell and suffered undisclosed injuries. It was noted that those injuries were serious and permanent. 

Hit-and-run accident leads to death in New York

Many people know that staying on the scene of a car crash is important. However, some drivers may choose to flee the scene of an accident and leave many individuals with questions. Hit-and-run accidents often have serious outcomes, and investigations can become difficult when drivers are not at the incident site to answer questions.

One family in New York may be hoping to gain more information after a recent hit-and-run. It was unclear how the incident took place, as a 54-year-old woman was found lying in the street at approximately 12:30 a.m. She was taken from the scene to an area hospital, and she was declared deceased. It appeared as if the woman had been struck by a vehicle.

Scaffold safety is vital in New York's construction industry

When used properly, scaffolds enable construction to work safely at considerable heights. Scaffolding accidents happen when they aren’t used properly or are not in safe working condition to start with.

Legally speaking, property owners and contractors are responsible for providing a safe work environment, including safe scaffolding. But the reality is that the burden falls on workers to make sure their equipment is safe. A few extra minutes at the start of a job may save a life or prevent a severe injury.

Tips to help you avoid harm while hospitalized

Most of us have faith in the medical professionals who are caring for us. Even if you don’t fully trust them, it’s not feasible to look over the shoulder of every person involved in your care when you go to the hospital.

But you can't let your guard down. You need to take steps to ensure that you are getting the care that you need and that won't harm you because medical malpractice in the hospital is a serious concern. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe the next time you need treatment.

Woman suffers injuries after New York sidewalk collapse

Suffering injuries due to an issue with someone's property can be a complicated situation. Individuals will certainly want to have their injuries attended to as soon as possible, but they may also consider who may be liable for the injuries suffered. When these questions come about, it may be important to determine who owns the property or could otherwise be held responsible.

One woman in New York may be hoping to find out such information after recently suffering injuries in an incident. Reports stated that the woman had been walking on a sidewalk when it collapsed beneath her. As a result, she fell four feet, and a chunk of the concrete sidewalk pinned her leg while she was at the bottom of the hole.

Living with a spinal cord injury has many challenges

A car crash that results in spinal cord trauma is a worst case scenario. Unlike bruises and lacerations, or even broken bones, a spinal cord injury is usually permanent. Neither time nor surgery can completely reverse the damage.

Depending on the injury site and severity, people with spinal cord damage may require lifelong care, perhaps 24-hour nursing. This creates hardships not only for the patient but for the loved ones who are providing assistance and coping with new realities of family life.

New York hit-and-run bicycle accident results in man's death

Though biking can offer many health and economic benefits, it can also pose a number of hazards. Bicyclists are easily overlooked by drivers of larger vehicles, and in many cases, individuals could suffer serious or fatal injuries when an accident occurs. If the incident proves fatal, the family of the victim may find themselves looking for answers.

It was recently reported that a bicycle accident took place in New York. The incident occurred around midnight when the cyclist was hit by a garbage truck. Reports also stated that the driver of the garbage truck did not remain at the scene of the accident. Additional details on what may have caused the collision to occur were not available at the time of the report.

Nursing home abuse and neglect can't be ignored

Having a loved one who is in a nursing home means that your loved one is trusting that the staff members will do what they need to help with every aspect of their care. Many nursing home employees are in the business because they truly care about the residents. However, there are some employees who are all about the money.

When a nursing home employee is reporting to work simply to collect a paycheck, there could be problems. Some of these employees just don't take care of the residents in the manner they should. Unfortunately, the residents are the ones who suffer when this happens.

Hazardous premises conditions could lead to injury in New York

Though many people do not fear suffering injuries when they go out shopping or to get a quick bite, it is possible that they could find themselves involved in an accident. Certain conditions on the property of those locations could potentially create hazards that put patrons at risk. If an individual falls or suffers an injury due to other factors, he or she may have cause to pursue compensation.

New York residents may be interested in one woman's case currently taking place in another state. Reports indicated that she had just finished dining at a Taco Bell restaurant when an injury-causing incident occurred. Apparently, the floor near the exit was wet, and as a result, the woman slipped on the wet surface and fell to the ground.

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