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Tractor-trailer truck accidents are far more complicated than standard automobile cases. The truck may be from a different state, carrying product from a second company, that was secured by a third company and insured by a fourth company.

Big truck driving companies that follow new safety regulations have helped to reduce the number of big truck accidents. But no matter what attempts are made to prevent truck accidents, the increasing number of motorists and tractor-trailer trucks on the nation's highways leads to more and more devastating accidents.

We obtained $200,000 for the family of an 86-year-old New Jersey man who died in a truck accident.

Shipping schedules that require fast delivery, along with unpredictable travel and weather conditions, can cause a driver's workday to extend up to 16 hours a day. This leads to driver fatigue (causing decreased attention spans and lower reaction times), one of the leading causes for big truck accidents.

In addition to driver fatigue, the physical limitations of a tractor-trailer truck are a major cause of accidents. Cargo sometimes spills onto the roadway, "blind spots" are much larger, large chunks of ice often accumulate on the truck's roof and fly off into another car's windshield and tractor-trailers can "jackknife" on slippery roads or sharp turns, creating extensive damage and potentially serious or fatal injuries.

To protect yourself, contacting a skilled big truck accident lawyer is a vital first step following a tractor-trailer accident.

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