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Do Red Light Cameras Make Us Safer?

As personal injury lawyers we pay close attention to trends in traffic safety. We give a lot of thought to whether certain measures actually make drivers safer, and we give a lot of thought to how the use of certain technologies might impact our cases or allow us to...

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Trucking Companies Are Hiring Teenage Drivers

What could possibly go wrong? This year a federal apprenticeship program got put into place, allowing people as young as 18 to drive commercial trucks carrying tons of cargo across state lines. They will only be required to complete 400 hours of cumulative...

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When Can You Sue for an NYC Daycare Injury?

Kids sometimes get hurt in the mere act of being kids, and there are times when that's unavoidable. There are also times when kids get seriously injured as a result of out and out negligence on the behalf of a daycare provider. When that happens, the parents may sue...

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E-Scooter Pedestrian Accidents in NYC

Recently, a 27 year old scooter rider pled guilty to the hit-and-run death of actress Lisa Barnes.  According to the New York Times, the driver, Brian Boyd, drove "recklessly, and with no regard for pedestrians." Boyd struck Barnes in a crosswalk.  While the victim of...

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