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The safety issues surrounding Lyft’s electric bikes

The stereotype of New York City traffic usually focuses on congestion. Cars not moving, but with horns blaring the frustration of weary commuters just trying to get home.

Alternative and seemingly safe forms of transportation launched last summer represented some relief from the gridlock.

Have ride-share companies led to an increase in traffic deaths?

Ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft play an increasingly popular role in how New Yorkers get around. However, the rapid rise of ride-share services has not been without controversy.

A recently released study from researchers at the University of Chicago and Rice University reports a trend between cities where Uber and Lyft operate and an increase in motor vehicle fatalities. While both companies dispute the findings of the study, other studies have long debated the impact of ride-share companies on the number of serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Lives end due to a live stream

Reality shows have been around since the early days of television. From Candid Camera to Big Brother, the popularity of the genre has revealed the voyeuristic tendencies of television viewers.

The Weather Channel’s Storm Wranglers show brings their watchers up close and personal in their never-ending chase for tornados. While most people operating a motor vehicle would find ways to avoid the charging funnel cloud, hosts of the program were determined to chase the twister and live stream every mile of their pursuit.

Safety Concerns Delay A Driverless Destiny

In 2016, the clarion call was loud and clear. The future is now. Self-driving cars will take over the highways and byways of New York and all states throughout the nation.

The date was set. 2020 would be the year when drivers also become passengers, albeit alert and aware ones. The prognosticators predicted that the roads would be safer at the dawning of the new decade. They told us to look out for the new technology set to revolutionize transportation as we know it.

Food service workers often face harassment. Many are teens.

A recent lawsuit settlement with a sports bar franchise highlights a sector that has one of the highest rates of workplace sexual harassment.

Female employees in the bar, restaurant and fast food industries are routinely subjected to unwanted advances, unlawful touching and other harassment. Teenage girls in these jobs are especially vulnerable to harassment by supervisors and co-workers.

Will Future Technology Put Slip-And-Falls In The Past?

In movie lore, famous robots have battled everything from homicidal criminals to planet-destroying empires.

Marty is a robot whose enemies may not be as dangerous as emperors and murderers. Yet, he and 499 of his same-named counterparts are still committed to keeping the public safe, particularly when it comes to slippery surfaces on store floors.

Survivors of child sexual assault earn major victory

Legislation extends statute of limitations on sexual abuse

After a long and bitter battle for legislation that would allow New York sex abuse victims to sue the Roman Catholic Church and other organizations for monetary damages, the New York State Legislature unanimously passed the Child Victims Act on Jan. 28, 2019. Governor Cuomo signed the bill into law on Feb. 14, 2019, extending the statute of limitations for victims of sexual abuse.

The Act allows child victims to seek prosecution against their abuser until the age of 55 in civil cases, a significant increase from the previous limit of age 23.

Can I collect injury compensation if I was partly at fault?

A woman suffered a serious leg injury at a Disney resort. A Florida jury awarded her thousands of dollars in compensation -- even though it determined she was primarily at fault.

Is this some miscarriage of justice? No. It’s called comparative negligence. It actually works the same way under New York law. It’s one reason you should never assume you have no legal claim. You could be entitled to partial compensation even if you contributed to your own accident.

New laws helping protect NYC renters with Asthma

Over 25 million individuals in the United States suffer from Asthma, a common lung disease that causes a person to experience difficulties breathing. Unfortunately, for many people, the quality of their apartments is making their Asthma symptoms even worse.

Last month, New York City passed the Asthma-Free Housing Act. Under this act, landlords “will be required to have their buildings inspected every year for asthma triggers, such as mold, pests and rodents.” Additionally, the new law requires landlords to alert tenants about any asthma-related triggers and fix any related issues that arise.

Mother’s fatal fall exposes the shame of the NYC subway

People around the world were heartbroken when a young mom died falling down the stairs of a Manhattan subway station. But New Yorkers with small children or disabilities were hardly shocked.

New York is an elevator town. But NYC ranks dead last of all major cities for disability access in its public transit system, namely the lack of elevators at subway stations. Maylasia Goodson died because she had little choice but to carry her infant’s stroller down the subway stairs.

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