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After spate of crashes, Revel yanks its mopeds off the streets

Emerging technology was supposed to help usher in a new era of urban transportation. Instead, it seems to be getting people killed and injured.

Since launching in the summer of 2018, Revel had allowed users to rent mopeds on-demand throughout New York City. As of July 28, 2020, the vehicles are no longer on the streets. The reason? A spate of dangerous incidents, including separate crashes that left two people dead.

1 construction worker dead, 3 injured in latest scaffold incident

One construction worker will never return home to his family. Three others face a difficult recovery. These are the consequences of the latest scaffold collapse in New York City.

It happened on July 16 in Midtown, toward the end of the work day. The four workers were reportedly doing restoration work on the building's exterior when the suspended scaffolding gave way. While the exact cause of the incident will be investigated by the Department of Buildings, NBC New York reports a piece of the façade may have fallen off and crashed into the scaffold.


Personal injury and medical malpractice law is a unique profession and one, that in the past, was always recession proof. Auto accidents, trip and falls and medical malpractice happen whether there is a good economy or bad - in fact, typically as the economy gets worse, people get more distracted by their own problems and tend to get in more accidents.


Will my case be delayed?

As far as the Courts are concerned, yes - but to what extent its simply too early to tell. But defense law firms and insurance carriers have been hurt by this crisis as much as everyone else. As a result, this may lead to faster settlements in some instances, as the carriers may be forced to let staff go. It makes sense that the fewer cases they have, the less staff they will need. Also, the longer a case drags out, the more the carrier has to pay their lawyer for defense costs, so take this crisis as a potential positive for your case.

Is New York City turning a blind eye to lead poisoning?

When you think of lead poisoning, you might think about the recent news from Flint, Michigan. The city was in the news for months after its citizens learned their water was steeped with lead. But what you might not know is that recent reports found 69 neighborhoods where New York City children suffered elevated lead levels at nearly twice Flint’s rate.

That was the story in a 2017 report from Reuters and in a city that had aimed to eliminate all lead poisoning by 2010. But while the city has long set lofty goals, New Yorkers continue to suffer. Two years after the Reuters report, old apartments and negligent landlords continue to play an outsized role.

The Difference a Day Can Make

On September 11, tenant Lareese Williams asked the owners of the East New York apartment building to install railings in the apartment where his family resided. It was not the first request from the patriarch as he repeatedly requested improved safety measures. In January, the grandmother who lived with them and often cared for her grandchildren complained that the window needed repair due to it not completely closing.

No action was taken in spite of laws that require mandatory window guards for buildings with three or more apartments where 10-year-old children and younger resides.

How to deal with car accidents involving family and friends

A car accident may leave you with injuries and automobile damage that requires compensation. This money comes from the at-fault driver's car insurance. This isn't a big deal when the other driver is a stranger to you, but things can get sticky when friends or family are involved. If they hit your car and left you injured, it may not feel right to seek money from them. You may wonder if it's worth putting your relationship in jeopardy.

Are out-of-possession landlords liable for slippery sidewalks?

Winter is coming, and New Yorkers can expect weather ranging from freezing rain to sleet and snow. It’s a season for warm scarves and jackets. And for the city’s landlords, it’s a season that demands diligent maintenance.

According to the New York City Administrative Code, landlords and other property owners need to keep their sidewalks reasonably safe. If they knowingly leave their sidewalks buried under snow and ice, they can be held liable for any resulting injuries. But what if those owners don’t live in the building? What if they contract with someone to maintain the property?

Why are female drivers still at a higher risk of injury?

Since the early 1980s, researchers have found that women have a higher chance of getting injured in a car accident. Yet not much seems to have changed since then.

A recent 2019 study revealed that women are 73% more likely to get injured in a car accident than men, even when wearing their seat belts. What accounts for this consistency in female injuries?

Is the back seat safest in a car crash?

There's nothing great about being involved in a collision. Seeing the oncoming vehicle coming into the vehicle you're riding in is terrifying, and avoiding the crash entirely would be preferential. However, few people choose to be in a collision, and we now know more about the optimal place to be in a vehicle.

You may think that the back seat is the safest place to be in a collision because you're farther from a front impact. This makes sense, but recent research indicates this is not the case.

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