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New York Personal Injury Law Blog

Air bag claims expand to include carmakers

New York readers know it can be hazardous on the streets of the city. Crime isn't the only concern. Cars and trucks are everywhere, sometimes navigating narrow streets. So are pedestrians. And while the weather might not be currently conducive to biking, cyclists can be found. Wherever the people involved in these activities intersect, there is a risk of injury.

One does not generally consider the inside of the vehicle a place of threat, but that, too, has changed. Safety air bags in many cars and trucks now pose a danger as explosive devices that can maim or kill, just at the time when it should be protecting lives. The issue, of course, is Takata air bags that might explode with too much force in even minor collisions, sending metal shards into the interiors of vehicles.

Staying safe in this week of foul NYC winter weather

Just days ago, New York suffered through one severe nor'easter. The storm called Riley knocked down trees and took out power to tens of thousands of across the region. It also claimed at least one life, officials say. Riley cleanup is incomplete and now comes another onslaught in the form of Winter Storm Quinn.

Deep snow is predicted starting later this week. That means that any drivers or pedestrians venturing out have reason to be particularly careful. Plows will be out, raising the risk of injuries due to negligence or carelessness by drivers. Those on foot should be aware that while property owners have an obligation to ensure their premises are safe, keeping up with the storm will be a challenge - even for the most attentive of landlords.

Homeowners’ association held liable for swing set injury

Jury awarded $20 million verdict against HOA

A jury in Nevada has held a homeowner’s association accountable for a playground accident that left a teenager with permanent brain damage. The plaintiff was awarded $20 million.

DWI suspected in New York fatal accident

Though car accidents happen every day, they can impact each person differently. From minor bruises to losing loved ones, the outcomes can vary dramatically. If driving under the influence caused an accident that led to someone's death, that driver could face serious criminal consequences. Additionally, the family of the victim could have legal options for pursuing a civil claim.

One family in New York and two other individuals may be considering their legal options after a recent accident. Reports stated that a speeding driver was traveling north on Bronx Boulevard in an SUV when he struck a car that was attempting to make a left turn onto the same street. This crash caused the car to collide with a southbound vehicle, and the SUV struck two parked vehicles.

Despite human error, technology could have prevented Amtrak crash

The initial investigation into the deadly train crash in South Carolina indicates that railroad company CSX is at fault. A switch on the tracks was locked in the wrong position, diverting the Amtrak passenger train into a parked CSX train.

Two Amtrak employees were killed and more than 100 passengers and crew members suffered injuries. Adding to the tragedy, federal officials say available safety technology – whose implementation has been postponed – would have prevented the derailment. 

Woman files lawsuit for injuries after fall outside restaurant

There is a considerable potential for individuals to become injured on other people's property. Whether it is a neighbor's yard or the parking lot of a chain store, property owners and operators are responsible for handling potentially hazardous conditions. If individuals do suffer serious injuries on someone's property, they may have reason to file legal claims for compensation.

New York residents may be interested in such a claim that was recently filed in another state. Reports indicated that a woman suffered injuries after falling on the sidewalk outside an Olive Garden restaurant. She claims that the rocks lining the sidewalk were uneven, and as a result, her foot got caught on one of the rocks. This incident led her to fall to the ground.

Choose a nursing home very carefully and remain vigilant

At some point it’s no longer a question of if you should move your loved one into a nursing home. When the time comes, the question becomes where.

Choosing a nursing home is difficult. You want to know that your family member’s safety and well-being are in good hands. With a little homework, you can avoid a facility where your loved one is at risk of being neglected or mistreated.

Premises liability: Falls at rental properties may warrant claims

Suffering injuries on someone else's property can cause many difficulties. Individuals may find themselves having to contend with medical expenses, time away from work, injury recovery and other hardships that may cost them time, money and enjoyment of life. In such cases, the possibility exists that the property owner or other parties could be liable for resulting injuries, and premises liability claims may be warranted.

New York residents may be interested in one out-of-state woman's claim for such an event. Reports stated that she had been visiting her daughter at a rental property when the incident occurred. Apparently, she tripped on a sprinkler head and fell as a result. It was unclear what type of injuries or other negative outcomes may have come about due to the fall.

New York accident results in fatality of woman

Though serious car crashes take place on a daily basis, different people are affected by each incident. Additionally, one accident may only have minor impacts while another could have much more devastating outcomes. When individuals die in these accidents, surviving family members may never have expected that they could be affected in such a way.

It was reported that a fatal accident recently took place in New York. The incident involved two vehicles and occurred at an intersection. A woman was in a cab touring an area with holiday decorations when the cab was struck by the second vehicle. The accident took place around 2:45 p.m. Additional details regarding how the accident took place were not given at the time of the report.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is indeed complex and painful

Injuries to the hands or feet sometimes lead to ongoing symptoms long after the underlying injury. The person may experience burning pain, swelling or discoloration in the extremity. The affected area may become extremely sensitive to touch or any movement.

The medical term is complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS. It is also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) or causalgia. CRPS is a real medical condition. The pain can be disabling. Early diagnosis and treatment is important to alleviating the symptoms and reducing the duration.

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