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Kids with concussions can phase in activity in a few days

In the old days, concussions in children were not taken seriously or not properly treated. Shake it off. Get back out there. As the long-term effects of brain injury became known, doctors went to the other extreme. They advised a week of rest, in a dark room with no physical or mental stimulation.

Now pediatricians and the CDC are saying that it's safe for kids to resume some activity within a few days. In fact, children who rest just two days may recover faster than those who sit out for a week.

Premises liability suit blames faulty wiring for child’s tragedy

Shoddy electrical wiring is being blamed for a horrific accident at a Maryland casino that left a child profoundly disabled. The family has filed a premises liability suit against MGM and the building contractors, alleging they cut corners in the rush to open the casino.

A 6-year-old girl suffered a crippling electric shock from a lighted handrail. Two siblings also experienced shock injuries, and their mother sustained strong jolts when she tried to rescue them.

Escalator safety tips for parents for the holiday shopping season

While Black Friday weekend may now be in the rearview mirror, many families in New York still have plenty of holiday shopping to do. So, many parents may be heading out to area malls and department stores for holidays shopping trips over the next few weeks, kids in tow.

While holiday shopping with the kids, it can be important for parents to keep in mind the safety risks children can encounter in retail environments. This includes the safety risks related to something fairly commonplace in malls and department stores: escalators.

Some toy manufacturers ended up on the naughty list

Christmas presents shouldn’t come with a safety warning. Especially when the toys are meant for young children who can’t read or foresee the dangers.

A consumer safety organization has released its annual list of the most dangerous toys. In the past, their advocacy has led to product recalls and probably avoided many tragedies. Think twice about buying any of these toys this holiday season.

Study confirms right-turning drivers don’t check for bicyclists

Intersections are dangerous for pedestrians and bicycle riders. Bicyclists are especially at risk when cars make right turns.

A recent study by the University of Toronto used eye-tracking technology to show that right turn drivers routinely fail to scan the area where cyclists and pedestrians would be. Namely, an over-the-shoulder check could prevent many car-bike accidents.

NYC’s 12 most dangerous neighborhoods for pedestrians

New York City pedestrians are three times as likely to be injured in some neighborhoods than others, according to a recent study. looked at data from every intersection in New York City between 2013 and 2017 to determine which neighborhoods had the worst record for crashes involving pedestrians. They published a list of the dozen neighborhoods so renters and buyers can have an idea about the safety of their new neighborhoods.

EEOC announces progress on sexual harassment

The #MeToo movement appears to be having a real impact in the workplace and in the justice system. The EEOC reports a significant uptick in reports of sexual harassment over the last year, with more of those victims seeing positive outcomes when they come forward.

There is also evidence that male executives and co-workers are changing their behaviors. Sexual harassment is still a reality for many women, but there’s progress.

New York’s old world dog bite law

Under New York law, pet owners have some responsibility if you are bitten or injured by their dog. But in order to collect full damages, the victim must prove that the dog was known to be vicious.

New York’s outdated dog bite law makes it more difficult to get compensation than in other states. It is one more reason to hire an attorney if you or a family member was attacked by a dog.

Dance floor collapse at Clemson party raises legal questions

From time to time there are deadly fires or shootings at night clubs, but it’s not normal for the dance floor to collapse. So it was shocking when the entire floor of a clubhouse gave way at a college homecoming party in South Carolina, injuring 30 people.

Investigators – and the victims’ legal representatives -- will try to determine if the tragedy occurred because of a structural defect, too large a crowd, the conduct of the partygoers, or some combination thereof.

The biggest danger to teen drivers is teen passengers

Distracted driving presents a serious risk to the person driving and anyone who shares the road with them. This is especially true for teen drivers, who are more likely to engage in risky and distracting behaviors.

Although texting while driving is rampant among young drivers, research shows that the No. 1 distraction for teen drivers is ... other teenagers in the car.

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