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April 2015 Archives

Twenty-four children among those injured in multi-vehicle crash in Queens

The parents of several Queens’ school children were likely panicked to learn that their kids were involved in a recent multi-vehicle crash. As the sounds of tire squeals and metal hitting metal rang out along Hillside Ave. last week, eye witnesses relayed stories of panic and chaos. The accident involved a rental truck, car, school bus and at least four pedestrians and resulted in 30 people being transported to local hospitals.

Lawsuits filed after video footage shows children being beaten at Queen's school

Our nation's elementary, middle and high schools are supposed to be safe havens where, regardless of socioeconomic-standing, students can learn and thrive. Sadly, some schools fail to provide students with a school environment that is safe and free of intimidation and violence. One recent incident that occurred at a New York City Queens public school was caught on video, and illustrates the deplorable and dangerous conditions that exist at some city schools.

New York Dram Shop Laws Regarding Injuries From Assault

In this blog post, we will discuss New York's so-called dram shop laws. Many of us know someone who has a story of visiting a bar, restaurant or night club when a fight broke out between patrons. Under New York N.Y. GOB. Law Code § 11-101, an innocent bystander who is injured in the brawl may have a valid premises liability claim for compensation for medical treatment and lost earnings. But a property owner's responsibility for providing adequate security extends beyond fights on the premises.

Who is legally responsible for gym injuries?

We live in a health and fitness conscious society with fifty million Americans belonging to health clubs. With many more people becoming members of fitness facilities, statistically, more injuries will occur. According to a study done by the University of Arkansas, there has been a 35% increase in gym injuries in recent years. However, most gyms will have its members sign liability waivers as part of their contract hoping to deter patrons from bringing suit for injuries. In many instances, however, courts will likely disregard such waivers to award plaintiffs compensation for their injuries.

NYCHA resident, age 2, discovered to have highly elevated levels of lead in bloodstream

We recently wrote a blog post about a lawsuit that was filed by tenants against the New York City Housing Authority. The lawsuit was filed due to the unsafe living conditions at one Bronx NYCHA housing development, and the NYCHA's failure to address tenants' concerns and requests for repairs. Just this week, the NYCHA is back in the news amid reports that a two-year-old Brooklyn girl, who lives in a NYCHA home, was found to have dangerously elevated levels of lead in her bloodstream.

Tenants at Bronx housing development sue NYCHA citing unsafe living conditions

With housing in short supply and high demand, many New York City residents have seen their rents increase exponentially within the last decade. The cost of living in the city has increased so much that many residents who were born and grew up in one of the city's five boroughs now struggle every month just to make rent.

For New York City bicyclists, dangers are abound

New York City is relatively compact and densely populated. While the city boasts one of the most expansive subway systems in the U.S., some city commuters prefer to say above ground. For these individuals, it can be difficult to cope with the headaches and delays that accompany driving in New York City.

DOT Taking Measures to Resolve Traffic Problems in Flushing

The DOT is taking measures to resolve the traffic problems that have plagued Flushing for years, making it a dangerous area to motorists and pedestrians alike. After work commenced about a year ago on a mixed use project known as the Flushing Commons, bus routes were changed and traffic increased giving rise to more congestion issues. Although a pedestrian walkway was implemented, it was not enough to resolve all of the long standing issues affecting traffic in the area. DOT has become more proactive in addressing the complaints regarding the area and has placed NYPD traffic enforcement agents at busy intersections.

East Village Explosion

Recently, a building in New York's East Village exploded, killing two and injuring dozens. Although investigations are still ongoing, authorities suspect that the cause of the accident resulted from an improperly tapped gas line. The proper gas and plumbing permits were not obtained for work to be done on that building, nor is it clear who was working on the gas lines at the time of the accident. However, Con Edison had been inspecting the building an hour prior to the explosion and found that the meter service was not ready for gas hook up. The general contractor who had been working on the building at the time of the explosion had recently been charged by the Manhattan DA's office with attempting to bribe a Building Inspector for violations on other properties he owned. In addition to the tragic deaths and injuries caused by the explosion, three buildings were reduced to rubble and 140 apartments were vacated due to safety concerns.

Have you or a loved one suffered a dog bite or attack?

Dogs are widely regarded as being "man's best friend." While there's no doubt that a dog can be a loyal and friendly companion, every dog has the capacity to be aggressive and to bite or attack. According to the New York City Economic and Development Corporation, the city is home to approximately 600,000 dogs. Given the close proximity to which New York City residents live to one another, it's important that both dog owners and non-dog owners alike understand how to protect against dog bites and attacks and the state's dog bite laws.

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