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July 2015 Archives

Escalator Safety

Escalators are everywhere. They can be found at shopping malls, airports, hotels, public transportation terminals, movie theatres, and many other public places. While they are much more convenient than walking up many flights of stairs, they can also be more dangerous. A woman was recently killed in China by an escalator, and the tragedy made headlines across the United States. Each year, over 10,000 people across the nation are sent to the emergency room due to escalator related injuries.

10 percent of NYC 'curb cuts' don't meet ADA's standards

You probably don't think about the sidewalk too much, and understandably so. But for people with disabilities, the sidewalk is a very important guide that alerts them to potential dangers while also giving them a safe and adequate path to get from point A to point B.

Unlicensed daycare facility's owner questioned in death of infant

For working parents with young children finding childcare is typically a major concern and quest. This is often especially true in cities like New York City where many working parents attempt to find childcare near their residences or workplaces to avoid even lengthier commutes and additional daycare costs.

Hotel Injuries

Many people stay at hotels for business or pleasure. While a stay at a hotel is usually enjoyable, sometimes injuries can arise. While a hotel owes its guests a duty of care, this duty does not extend to all harm that could occur, but instead to foreseeable harm. That is, harm that could be reasonably expected or has been known to occur. If a hotel breached this duty of care, a claim of negligence may be raised against the hotel. Among other responsibilities, a hotel has a duty to inspect the grounds for any dangerous conditions and keep its premises sanitary.

Can I Sue as a Spectator for an Injury at a Baseball Game?

Most people go to baseball games to have fun, and spend time with friends and family while watching their favorite team. While professional sports players are always at risk for an injury, most people don't think twice about the potential for injury as a spectator. However, on occasion, a sports event spectator may be hit with a foul ball or even a bat.

Roller Skating Safety at the Rink

Both adults and children enjoy roller skating. Not only is it fun, but it provides a great way to exercise and socialize. With indoor rink facilities available, roller skating can be a great activity day or night and in any kind of weather. However, as with any activity, certain safety precautions must be followed to ensure that a fun excursion does not result in injury, whether you are wearing inline skates or traditional roller skates. Common injuries resulting from skating are usually not serious and include bruises, broken bones, and sprains. However, in more serious situations, head injuries can occur.

Brooklyn neighborhoods top list of the most dangerous places for bicyclists

Throughout U.S. cities, more people are choosing to commute via bicycle than ever before. This is true in New York City were Mayor de Blasio has committed to adding bike lanes and a city-wide bike share program started in 2013. However, the recent death of a 37-year-old biker, who was struck and killed when a vehicle collided with another car and jumped the median, served as a solemn reminder to bicyclists throughout the city of the many hazards they face.

Is your landlord negligent in failing to provide for the safety and security of tenants?

Throughout New York City, millions of residents pay thousands of dollars in rent each month to live in apartment buildings that are often plagued by safety issues and in desperate need of maintenance and repair. Unfortunately, for far too many renters and tenants in the city, complaints about unsafe building conditions and broken and ill-maintained boilers and heating units fall on deaf ears.

Why U.S. postal carriers may be more guarded in certain New York City neighborhoods

According to New York City Economic Development Corporation, the city's five boroughs are home to some 600,000 dogs. Owning a dog, especially in a dense urban area, is a big responsibility and dog owners must not only take steps to ensure that they vaccinate, clean up after and leash their canine companions; but also that members of the public are safe from a potential dog bite or attack.

Parents Engage in Safety Controversy Over Historic Playground

Controversy surrounding the design of a playground built in the 1960's has reached a peak, according to a recent New York Times article. For several years, parents have been arguing that their children are in danger of sustaining injuries at the fifty year old playground due to the architect's "adventure-style" design. Some parents have complained that their children have suffered from concussions and chipped teeth as a result of playing on the grounds of the historic play area, which is adjacent to a city school and is frequently used during recess and after school by both students and residents of the neighborhood. Those in support of preserving the architecturally significant playground are seeking a permanent injunction against redesign.

Why New York City bicyclists should be wary of commercial trucks

Across the country and in major urban cities like New York City, bicycles are becoming more popular than ever with more residents relying on biking to get to work and around their neighborhoods. However, at the same time that cities like New York City expand bike lanes and do more to promote biking, the number of commercial trucks traveling down these same urban streets is also increasing.

Supermarkets Across the City Receive Health Code Violations

Across the five boroughs of New York City and Long Island, nearly a thousand grocery stores received health violations for conditions found between May 15, 2014 and June 5, 2015. In New York City alone, 847 grocery stores were cited for violating health codes. 56% of those stores received ten violations or more. The stores cited with violations ranged from gas station marts to the less expected upscale food markets.

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