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August 2015 Archives

Casino bus crash leaves 4 passengers and 1 bystander injured

From lottery tickets to blackjack tables, Americans love to gamble. 2014 statistics from Business Insider Magazine estimate that annually, the U.S. gambling industry rakes in $240 billion. To get patrons through a casino’s doors and increase the likelihood that they'll spend money, many casinos provide transportation to and from a premise via charter buses.

Can I Receive Compensation for My Injuries in Amateur Sports?

For some, playing amateur sports is a great recreational activity and fun way to get some exercise.  Many people like to play on teams that meet after work and on the weekends.  Others enjoy playing on high school and college teams and may even receive scholarships for doing so.  However, unlike professional athletes, amateurs do not necessarily have the same access to top-notch medical care that sports stars do for injuries sustained on the playing field.  In some cases, an injury may mean the end of an amateur’s sporting career, or in some severe cases even death.  The question then arises, who is liable for injuries sustained by athletes of amateur sports?  

Are New York City's pre-kindergarten centers safe?

Parents of an estimated 70,000 New York City four year olds are anxiously awaiting the start of the city's universal pre-kindergarten program next month. Under the program, four-year-old children from across the city are eligible to attend free, all-day pre-kindergarten programs at one of the city's 1,150 pre-K centers.

Is your local New York City playground safe?

According to New York City’s Department of City Planning, approximately 24 percent of the city's more than 8.4 million residents are under the age of 18. For younger children, the city's Parks Department maintains hundreds of parks and playgrounds, many of which contain equipment like slides and monkey bars. The safety of many of these playgrounds was the subject of a recent New York Daily News article which detailed the horrific injuries of several New York City children.

Fears mount in New York City as 12 reported dead in Legionnaires' disease outbreak

New York City is in the midst of a public health crisis as a deadly Legionnaires' disease outbreak has claimed the lives of 12 city residents. The first reported case of the pneumonia-like illness was reported early last month. Since that time, more than 110 people have reportedly fallen ill and 12 have died.

New Technology Will Help City Vehicles Avoid Collisions

New York City will be implementing collision avoidance technology in MTA buses in an effort to further the goals of Vision Zero.  The pilot program will allow for 100 city buses to be fitted with the avoidance system which is intended to issue alerts to bus drivers if a pedestrian or other vehicle is in their blind spot.  A safety warning, issued from speakers on the outside of the bus, will also notify pedestrians and vehicles if a bus is making a turn.  Such collision avoidance technology has proven to be instrumental in several other cities across the nation in reducing or eliminating pedestrian fatalities by city vehicles.   

Can I Sue a Pet Store if an Animal I Buy Makes Me Sick?

Pets of all kinds bring much happiness to children and adults alike.  Pets can also teach children a great deal about responsibility and compassion.  In fact, 60% of families in America have at least one pet in their household.  However, before making an investment in a pet, it is necessary to be educated about the type of species you will be caring for, including any health risks it may present to you and your family.  For example, turtles, other reptiles, and even hamsters are widely known to be carriers of salmonella.  Pet mice and rats may also carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans.  Last year, a family brought suit against a popular nationwide pet store chain due to their son’s tragic death caused by “rat bite fever,” as a result of his recently purchased pet rat biting him.  Certain types of birds may also put you at risk for illness.  

Legal action taken after high school wrestlers contract MRSA from fifthly mat

Parents often have many concerns with regard to a child's school environment. While matters related to academic achievement and bullying often top the list of parent questions and concerns, those related to health and cleanliness are less discussed.

Recent fire among the many hazards tenants of Brooklyn apartment building face

Earlier this week, a fire broke out in the early evening hours at an apartment building in Brooklyn's East Flatbush neighborhood. According to eyewitness reports, several building residents were seen outside the burning building as firefighters rescued trapped tenants and attempted to put out the blaze.

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