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March 2016 Archives

NYC's DOB named as defendant by man injured in February crane accident

People who live and work in New York City are accustomed to carrying on with their daily lives while surrounded by active construction sites. The majority of complaints about these construction sites center on the noisy and dusty conditions they create. These sites also, however, pose other very real and serious dangers to individuals who live, work and travel in their vicinity.

Newark Schools Knew of Elevated Lead Levels Since 2003

The news about higher levels of lead found in Newark schools’ water is still flowing. The Wall Street Journal reported that Newark’s water contamination is not a new issue, and that approximately 12 percent of the total 2,067 water samples tested between 2012 and 2015, showed lead levels above the federal limit of 15 parts per billion. In 2016, out of the 657 water collections tested, 10 percent proved to be at similar levels of lead content as the tested samples in earlier years. Furthermore, Fox News Health reported that the lead issue dates further back than 2012, pointing to the school district’s knowledge of elevated limits as early as 2003.

Do premises liability claims spike during spring break?

A property owner might be found liable, as a matter of law, for injuries suffered by an invitee in a number of circumstances. Generally speaking, a premises liability lawsuit requires the victim to show that his or her injuries were caused by a foreseeable risk on the owner’s property, such as a hazard resulting from negligent property maintenance. 

Pedestrian deaths surged 10 percent during 2015

A recent Governors Highway Safety report indicates that, throughout the country, our nation’s streets are becoming increasingly dangerous places for pedestrians. According to the report, last year the number of traffic-related pedestrian fatalities nationwide surged 10 percent over 2014 numbers, making 2015 the most dangerous year for pedestrians in 40 years.

Taxi Cab Drivers Need to Take More Breaks

According to the 2014 New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) Taxicab fact book, there are 485,000 taxi cab trips per day, by over 50,000 drivers. Drivers can either own the taxi cab, or lease one for a set period of time. The TLC inspects all regulated taxi cabs three times per year in its inspection center located in Queens. The purpose of the inspections are to make sure the vehicles are safe and meet the emissions standards.

How safe is the water at your child's school or day care?

In recent months, the lead-tainted water crisis in Flint, Michigan has been the focus of much media attention and shined a spotlight on the dangers associated with exposure to the toxic metal. The Flint crisis has also raised awareness about lead exposure throughout the U.S. as well as doubts about the safety of our nation's water supply systems.

Self-Driving Google Car Runs into Bus

Since 2014, Google self-driving vehicles have been involved in approximately twelve accidents, mostly when rear-ended. On February 14, a Google self-driving vehicle struck a city bus when it attempted to maneuver around sandbags that were obstructing its lane. The bus, which was to the left of the car, was going approximately 15 miles per hour. Technology Business reported that the autonomous vehicle- a Lexus SUV- was only driving at a speed of two miles per hour. There were no injuries among the bus passengers or the human driver in the Lexus.

Hotel to blame for negligent security in Erin Andrews case

Going to hotel, whether for business or vacation, is often painted as a relaxing experience. Marketing and ad campaigns for many hotels promise people a chance to unwind and even get pampered, enjoying amenities and feeling like you're safe and being taken care of.

Possible Listeria Containing Cheese Recalled

Personal injury can occur when products, including edible products, are unsafe. This can include food items which contain unnatural dangerous items, such as broken glass, or when improper preparation of foods allow bacteria or viruses to grow, making someone sick when consumed.

Safety tips for New York City bicyclists

With, according to, temperatures this week expected to climb into the 60s and 70s, it appears as though spring has arrived early in New York City. As residents seek opportunities to spend and enjoy more time outdoors, many will dust off their bicycles and take to the city's streets and parks.

When Trespassers Get Hurt

In some states, the doctrine of "attractive nuisance" applies to personal injury cases involving trespassing children. The doctrine is premised on the fact that children are unable to appreciate hazards, and can actually be attracted to dangerous conditions. These attractive but dangerous scenarios include swimming pools, large holes in the ground, dangerous objects to play on or in, among many others.

Girl's near-drowning at Queens' pool likely caused by modified venting system

For children and adults alike, swimming pools can provide hours of fun and exercise. Near-drowning accidents suffered in swimming pools also, however, send nearly 5,000 people each year to the emergency room. In a matter of minutes, a child can suffered permanent brain damage or drown and, while in or near a swimming pool, parents are advised to always ensure that they are within arm’s reach of a child and supervising his or her every move.

Why you probably wouldn't know about violations at your child's day care

A recent investigation by reporters at the New York Daily News details numerous and abhorrent deficiencies within the city's and state's day care licensing and violation report systems which has prompted the de Blasio administration to take action. Among the incidents chronicled in the paper was one involving a three-year-old boy who drowned in a swimming pool after he wandered unattended into the backyard of an adjacent day care which was owned by the same licensed operator. As evidence of how flawed the system is, while the license for the day care facility that the boy attended was revoked, the day care facility next door remains in operation.

Vision Zero Going Strong

Since the 2013 launching of Vision Zero, traffic fatalities are down 22 percent and pedestrian deaths have decreased 27 percent in New York City. That equates to 66 fewer deaths. Vision Zero is a joint venture, requiring the participation of the New York Police Department, Department of Transportation, City Hall, Taxi & Limousine Commission, Department of Citywide Administration Services, and Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Each department has assigned initiatives to address traffic and pedestrian accidents in New York City, approximately 103 initiatives in total.

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