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Casino bus crash leaves 4 passengers and 1 bystander injured

Aug 31, 2015 | 0 comments

From lottery tickets to blackjack tables, Americans love to gamble. 2014 statistics from Business Insider Magazine estimate that annually, the U.S. gambling industry rakes in $240 billion. To get patrons through a casino’s doors and increase the likelihood that they’ll spend money, many casinos provide transportation to and from a premise via charter buses.

For New York City residents the nearby Resorts World Casino provides patrons the opportunity to try their luck at gambling tables and slot machines. Recently several passengers who were patrons at the casino were injured when the charter bus on which they were passengers crashed.

According to accident reports, in an effort to avoid hitting a vehicle that made a sharp turn in front of the bus, the 39-year-old bus driver crashed into the front of a home in Queens. Among the injured were the bus driver, four individuals who were passengers aboard the bus and one individual who was in the home at the time the bus crashed through its walls.

Several eyewitnesses to the accident relayed stories of chaos and panic in the wake of the accident as passengers attempted to escape the bus, many of whom were injured and bloodied. Several of the injured passengers were forced to climb through windows, further complicating rescue efforts.

Individuals, who take buses, put their lives in the hands of drivers who they believe to be experienced and safe. In cases where an individual is involved and injured in a bus accident, he or she is likely to incur expenses related to medical care and lost wages. In an effort to recover compensation related to these and other damages, it’s wise to discuss the specific circumstances that lead to one’s injuries with an attorney.

Source: New York Daily News, “6 injured in Queens when Resorts World Casino bus smashes into building, driver in serious condition: official,” Keldy Ortiz, Rocco Parascandola, Tina Moore, Aug. 24, 2015


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