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Garage worker injured in NYC elevator accident

Sep 20, 2013 | 0 comments

If you’re like most New York City residents, you rely on elevators nearly every day to get to your job, appointments or residence. Not only are there elevators for people in most buildings, there are also elevators for cars in many parking garages in New York City.

Recently, a serious accident occurred at a parking garage in Manhattan when an attendant thought he was driving a vehicle into an elevator but instead plunged several levels down the elevator shaft.

The parking attendant was still inside of the vehicle when it fell down from the fifth floor and landed upside down in the space between the first and second floors. Officials said the worker was able to climb out of the car and then other workers helped him out of the elevator shaft and to safety.

The worker was taken to a hospital to have his injuries treated, though it appears he will recover. At this point, it isn’t clear why the elevator accident occurred, but an investigation is underway.

Individuals interviewed by local news crews said that they weren’t surprised to hear that an elevator accident had taken place at the garage. One woman said that repair crews are at the garage all of the time fixing problems with the elevator.

Elevators, though we rely on them daily, also pose a serious threat when they are not properly maintained or operated. In cases involving the negligent maintenance of elevators, building owners or elevator servicers can be sued for damages in personal injury lawsuits.

Source: NBC New York, “Manhattan Parking Garage Worker Plunges Down Elevator Shaft in Car: FDNY,” Ida Siegal, Sept. 6, 2013


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