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Hints to prevent an accident while riding a bicycle

Jun 2, 2016 | 0 comments

Many bicyclists in New York City know that whether commuting or exploring biking is a great way to get around in one of the world’s greatest cities. However, many bicyclists also know that with all the cars, trucks, people and other bicyclists, it pays dividends to bike defensively. Unfortunately, no matter how safe they play it, it is a possibility for bicyclists to some day be involved in a bicycle accident.

With the arrival of warmer weather, there will be a large increase in the amount of bicycle traffic on the city’s roads. With this uptick in riders, bikers ask that, in order for everyone to be safe, drivers keep an eye out for cyclists and take a moment to consider the extreme difference in power and size that exists between a car and a bicycle. They say one of the best ways drivers can be safe is to give cyclists wide berths.

Although state law mandates that drivers must give bicyclists 2 feet of space or more when passing — and there is legislation that has been proposed that would increase that distance to 3 feet — many drivers do not abide by this law. To help humanize and connect with a cyclist they are about to pass, cyclists say drivers should try to imagine that a cyclist is a loved one or a child, asking how much space would you allow your loved one? Chances are most drivers would not cut off their children or partners.

Although bicycle accidents do not occur as frequently as car accidents, the injuries are often far more serious. When a person in a car is in a wreck, auto insurance — that of the party at fault and that of the victim — often share responsibility. However, if a cyclist is involved in an accident and he or she does not have health insurance, the victim could be in a lot of financial trouble. When New York residents are seriously injured in bicycle accidents, they may benefit from seeking the advice of experienced personal injury attorneys as quickly as possible.

Source:, “BICYCLISTS to DRIVERS: Keep an eye out for us“, Mike Hibbard, May 25, 2016


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