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How to deal with car accidents involving family and friends

Nov 25, 2019

A car accident may leave you with injuries and automobile damage that requires compensation. This money comes from the at-fault driver’s car insurance. This isn’t a big deal when the other driver is a stranger to you, but things can get sticky when friends or family are involved. If they hit your car and left you injured, it may not feel right to seek money from them. You may wonder if it’s worth putting your relationship in jeopardy.

Is it a choice between friendship and finances?

While it is a tough situation to find yourself in, you shouldn’t feel guilty about having to make a claim against their insurance policy. Not seeking compensation means that you would have to pay out of pocket for any medical bills or repairs. For some, the expenses may be too much to even afford by themselves.

An insurance claim may affect your friend or family member in that their premiums may rise, but the money itself is not coming from them. You don’t need to worry that they won’t have enough money to live after your accident-related bills are paid.

What if you were in their car?

Imagine that you accepted a ride from a co-worker to go to work together. Unfortunately, an accident occurs because of your co-worker’s negligence on the road. You receive non-life-threatening – but not insignificant – injuries. Would it be right to seek compensation when your friend was trying to do you a favor?

This situation can seem morally murky, but you need to seek the money required for your medical treatment. Your co-worker did not mean to put you at risk purposefully, but you came to harm as a direct result of their actions.

Being in an accident as a rider of someone else’s car is not much different than being in a separate vehicle. You must make a claim for personal injury and submit it to their insurance company.

When it comes to auto accidents, you need to think about your needs first. Forgoing medical treatment or car repairs because you want to protect someone you love is only going to cause further problems down the line. You could end up with a chronic health issue or risk unknowingly driving a car that is unsafe because of structural damage.


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