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Independence Day weekend: Staying safe while having fun

Jul 4, 2014 | 0 comments

Today and through the weekend, America celebrates Independence Day. Chances are that you will be celebrating the holiday with food, loved ones and some sort of fireworks celebration. Hopefully, this weekend will be fun, memorable for positive reasons and safe. In order to better ensure that your holiday is safe and fun for you and all of your loved ones, it is a good idea to keep several tips in mind.

First, be careful when you are drinking. Whether you are out at a fireworks show, boating or simply having a good time at a local restaurant, this holiday and excessive drinking do not tend to mix. Not only is the Fourth of July weekend one of the deadliest in terms of drunk driving accidents, many Americans die every year from alcohol-related drowning accidents and boating accidents during early July.

Second, be careful with fireworks. Of course, this advice seems straightforward. However, thousands of well-intentioned Americans wind up in the emergency room every Independence Day weekend as a result of firework-related burns and injuries. Only set off fireworks in an open, outdoor setting, soak any duds or used fireworks in a water bucket and do not attempt to relight fireworks which fail to go off the first time you’ve attempted to light them.

Finally, keep an eye on children. The Fourth of July weekend tends to expose kids to lit grills, slippery swimming pool decks, rogue sparklers and other hazards that can easily lead to injury. Children may be the most vulnerable guests you host this weekend so pay extra attention to them and their safety needs.

Please have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day weekend!

Source: Findlaw Injured, “5 Fourth of July Injuries You Can Easily Prevent,” Brett Snider, July 3, 2014


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