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Is your landlord negligent in contributing to your injuries?

Mar 25, 2015 | 0 comments

Throughout New York City, millions of residents live in apartment buildings. While many landlords are responsible and law-abiding; there are some that fail to provide for the health and safety of tenants.

Tenants who are exposed to unsafe and hazardous building conditions often feel powerless in their attempts to spur a landlord to take action. From exposure to hazardous materials like lead paint and asbestos to inadequate security and lighting; tenants who have suffered injury or harm as a result of a landlord’s negligence would be wise to seek legal advice.

By law, landlords are required to inform tenants if certain hazardous materials exist on a premise. Additionally, landlords must take steps to protect residents in the event of a fire by making sure that every apartment unit contains standard safety devices like a working smoke alarm and that fire exits are marked and accessible.

Other possible building hazards to which renters may be exposed include insufficient lighting and security, slippery sidewalks, broken stairs, poorly maintained elevators and faulty wiring. In cases where a landlord fails to take action to provide for residents’ safety and make necessary repairs, tenants may suffer harm and injury.

Injuries that result from a fall down faulty stairs or due to one’s involvement in an elevator accident may not only be painful, but also result in an individual suffering financial burdens. In cases where a tenant believes that his or her injuries stemmed from a landlord’s negligence, legal action may be taken to recover costs associated with medical expenses, lost wages and disability.

Source:, “Tenant Safety and Landlord Liability,” March 25, 2015


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