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New Jersey teens killed in early morning car accident

Aug 8, 2016 | 0 comments

Two young men from New Brunswick and North Brunswick were tragically killed in a single-car accident after the car in which they were riding left Route 18 and crashed into the Raritan River around 1 a.m. on Monday, July 25. Police are still investigating the possible causes of the accident.

The two young men were riding in a 2009 Honda Accord when the driver lost control of the vehicle for unknown reasons shortly past the Route 27 off ramp. According to preliminary reports, the Accord struck the guardrail before plowing through a small wooded area of land and becoming partially submerged in the Raritan River. One of the men was found inside the vehicle, while the other was thrown from the vehicle. He was later found outside by friends who heard the crash and rushed to the scene to try to resuscitate the victims. The New Brunswick Fire Department arrived quickly to clear the area and assist rescue teams in gaining access to the victims. Sadly, both young men were pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities have yet to determine which factors contributed to the driver losing control of the vehicle. The victims were both high school students from the New Brunswick area. Unfortunately, for young people all across the country, stories like this one occur every day. Whether the accident may have been due to things beyond the driver’s control, if there was some impairing substance involved, or if the driver was simply drowsy and overestimated his ability to operate the vehicle remains unknown. Sadly, whatever the causes of the accident, two young lives have been needlessly cut short.

Car accidents can be devastating no matter what the cause. For those who have suffered loss from a car accident, whether that loss is damaged property, personal injury, or the death of a loved one, the guidance of an experienced attorney can help ensure that they are fairly compensated for their loss while protecting the rights of all involved.


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