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New York Wrongful Death Lawsuit Ongoing

Apr 14, 2016

In the ongoing case of a teacher killed after a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer drove into him, the NYPD is refusing to release records pertaining to the incident. The event happened on July 6, 2013 at the intersection of Broadway and Hooper Street in Brooklyn. The 61-year-old was crossing the street when he was struck by a marked police van and thrown onto the pavement. He later died from severe head injuries, and his family is currently suing the NYPD, New York City, and the officer who was driving.

Recently, Streets Blog NYC reported that despite court orders to comply with the release of specified materials related to the incident, the NYPD and New York City have not turned the records over. The victim’s family has requested witness statements and other materials relevant to the case. Additionally, the NYPD denied a Freedom of Information Request submitted by Streets Blog.

In response to the family’s allegations, the New York City’s Law Department has responded by stating the victim was at fault when crossing the street. In one of the city’s filings, it states that the deceased “assumed the risk” and failed to “take all proper, appropriate and reasonable steps to assure [his] safety.” Additionally, the NYPD crash report states that the officer was proceeding on a green light, but does not discuss whether the deceased was crossing with the walk signal or who had the right of way. Furthermore, there are unaddressed issues surrounding the allegations that the police officer was on the phone when driving.

If you or a family member have been a victim of a pedestrian accident in New York City, contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can get you the compensation you deserve. If you have suffered the loss of a parent, spouse, or child due to the wrongful or negligent conduct of another, contact an attorney who is experienced in dealing with wrongful death lawsuits to discuss your legal remedies. Contact the attorneys at Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP at 212-571-7171 today.


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