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Parents Engage in Safety Controversy Over Historic Playground

Jul 6, 2015

Controversy surrounding the design of a playground built in the 1960’s has reached a peak, according to a recent New York Times article. For several years, parents have been arguing that their children are in danger of sustaining injuries at the fifty year old playground due to the architect’s “adventure-style” design. Some parents have complained that their children have suffered from concussions and chipped teeth as a result of playing on the grounds of the historic play area, which is adjacent to a city school and is frequently used during recess and after school by both students and residents of the neighborhood. Those in support of preserving the architecturally significant playground are seeking a permanent injunction against redesign.

Many children sustain injuries on playgrounds. A majority of the injuries are minor and many of them are entirely preventable. At schools, 70% of children’s injuries occur during gym time or recess. In fact, lack of adequate supervision is the cause of 40% of playground injuries. Many other injuries occur due to faulty playground equipment. Common injuries as a result of activity on playgrounds can include skinned knees, cuts, contusions, concussions, neck and back injuries, broken and dislocated bones, sprains, internal injury, and even death.

Some tips to ensure your child enjoys a safe and healthy time on the playground:

• Ensure that the equipment is age and height appropriate for your child

• Visit playgrounds that are regularly maintained

• Make sure your child is supervised

• Do not allow your child to engage in horseplay or misuse the equipment

• Make sure there is nothing dangerous in the playground area before your child uses the equipment

• Do not allow your child to use the equipment while eating or drinking, instead have your child take breaks

• Ensure that your child is wearing appropriate clothing and footwear

• Use sunscreen and bug spray

Depending on the circumstances, if your child has been injured on the playground, you may be able to recover for negligent supervision, for injuries that occurred due to failure to properly maintain the playground, or from faulty playground equipment. If your child has been injured on a playground, contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can advise you of your legal rights. Call the attorneys at Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP at 212-571-7171 today.


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