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Was Your Child Injured At School Or Day Care?

Children are notorious for taking risks, trying new things and even putting themselves in danger unknowingly. This is all part of growing up, and it is the responsibility of a child’s parent or legal guardian to stand watch and make sure that the children remain safe. When you transition your son or daughter into day care or school, you expect that the same safety precautions you would provide will also be provided by the day care for your child.

How Premises Liability Comes Into Play


Very often, the accidents and injuries that result at day cares and schools in New York are a direct result of having too many kids under the supervision of too few adults. This in itself is a safety hazard, regardless of whether any other sources of danger exist.

Further problems arise when electrical sockets aren’t covered, poisonous materials aren’t kept locked up, open water is not fenced off, equipment and toys are not well-maintained, hanging cords are not secured and stairs are not blocked by safety gates.

A school could be guilty of negligent hiring practices as well. There have been many cases in which schools hire individuals with shady records and a criminal history. If the staff hires someone despite this or hires them without even conducting a background check, then they may be held partially liable for any criminal behavior.

Accident Reports Are Key

Typically, schools and day cares are required to file an accident report form if a child is injured while under the supervision of an employee or teacher. This report will then be filed to the school district to be kept on record.

If the child was hurt enough to require medical care and the institution is found liable, then you may be able to seek a claim against them. The accident report will have information that includes the date and time, as well as how the accident took place and what the nature of the injuries were. There is also post-accident information that should be recorded such as what medical treatment was provided and whether or not the parent or legal guardian was notified promptly.

Anytime a child is injured, action must be taken. If a recurring problem is noticed, then the school is responsible for evaluating whether or not there needs to be a change in their safety policies or some other type of corrective response.

Summer Camps Can Also Be Dangerous Places

Summer day camps are another source of accidents. These camps are littered with kids playing sports and participating in dangerous games. Oftentimes, the staff members are just kids who have gotten a summer job there and do not have the necessary credentials to ensure the children’s safety. This should definitely be taken into consideration if your child was injured at camp.

At Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, our group of New York City personal injury lawyers can help you recover damages for an injury that was sustained at camp. Call 212-571-7171. You can also reach us by email.

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