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Slip and fall accident leads to lawsuit against pub

Sep 19, 2016 | 0 comments

A woman in a recent out-of-state case was injured at a pub due to the pub’s alleged negligence. Specifically, a slip and fall on concrete stairs caused the woman to suffer injuries. The woman has therefore filed a premises liability suit against the establishment, which people in New York and other states can do in an effort to hold accountable the allegedly careless property owner.

According to the woman’s complaint, she was trying to leave the pub one day by going down the stairway. That is when she fell. The woman reportedly fell headfirst on the stairway’s pavement.

The woman asserted that the fall caused her to accrue medical expenses as well as suffer anguish and pain. She claimed that the pub did not carefully maintain its premises, which allowed precipitation to remain on the stairs. The company is also accused of not constructing adequate hand railings as well as treads on the stairway. In addition, its employees are said to have allowed the frozen and slippery condition on the stairs to persist.

As part of her slip and fall lawsuit, the woman is seeking a jury trial. She is also seeking a judgment of over $50,000, along with costs for the action as well as other relief. Anybody in the state of New York who is hurt on another person’s property because of the property owner’s negligence has the right to file a premises liability lawsuit against the owner in an effort to right any wrongs that have been committed.

Source:, “Woman sues over slip and fall in Belleville pub“, Michael Abella, Sept. 6, 2016


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