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Some toy manufacturers ended up on the naughty list

Nov 25, 2018

Christmas presents shouldn’t come with a safety warning. Especially when the toys are meant for young children who can’t read or foresee the dangers.

A consumer safety organization has released its annual list of the most dangerous toys. In the past, their advocacy has led to product recalls and probably avoided many tragedies. Think twice about buying any of these toys this holiday season.

These products made the list of 10 worst toys of 2018

This is the 46th year that World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.) has put together a top 10 list of toys to avoid. Some are products are made for toddlers. Others are intended for older kids. All of them present a significant risk of harm:

  • Spring-loaded sword – A play sword has sharp edges and a spring mechanism that makes it even more likely to cause injury.
  • Stomp rocket and Nerf gun – An air-propelled rocket and a gun that shoots foam discs are both flagged for the danger of eye injury and other injuries.
  • Dolls and crib toys – Three products made the list because of small parts that can detach and choke a baby if they put it in their mouth.
  • Play xylophone – This toy is made for babies and toddlers, but the mallet has a long and narrow handle that children will inevitably put in their mouth.
  • Pull toy – The 19-inch cord on a wheeled toy could strangle a toddler. The industry standard is 12 inches or less.
  • A knife for toddlers – A playset with plastic fruit includes a plastic knife. While the tip is blunted, it is still sharp enough to cause eye or hand injuries.
  • Superhero claws – Perhaps the most egregiously dangerous toy is a pair of Black Panther gloves with retractable plastic claws. Children are unlikely to heed the warning not to swipe at other kids.

Click on the link above to see the specific products with photos.

Stay safe this Christmas season

Our firm has handled product liability lawsuits for defective children’s products. It’s such a tragedy when a child dies or suffers permanent injury because a manufacturer didn’t test their product or think it through.  

Please pass this list along to grandparents, aunts and uncles, and your fellow parents. Some parents will never get this “worst toys” warning. Some will ignore it and buy these toys anyway. Let’s hope no one is badly injured after they unwrap a fun-looking toy that harbors hidden dangers.


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