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Study reveals that many New York City drivers run red lights

Jun 19, 2015 | 0 comments

Imagine you’re standing at an intersection in Midtown when the crosswalk signal turns to walk. As you step off the curb and prepare to cross the street, a taxi cab comes barreling through the red light, narrowly missing you and two of your fellow pedestrians. According to a recent report conducted by students at Hunter College, this is likely a fairly common scenario for many New York City pedestrians.

For the report, from April 2 to May 13, students examined the driving actions of some 4,300 drivers at 50 separate intersections in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. Based on their observations, students determined that roughly 15 percent of taxicab drivers and 15 percent of other drivers run red traffic lights.

In addition to revealing that a significant number of New York City drivers and taxi drivers routinely ignore traffic signals, the study also showed that both male and female drivers run red lights at the same rate. Additionally, student researchers noted that drivers in vehicles with tinted windows were more prone to run red lights.

Drivers who run yellow and red lights put the lives of other drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists in danger. Traffic laws exist to help ensure for the safety of everyone who shares the road and drivers who disregard and violate traffic laws are at an increased risk of causing or contributing to an accident.

In cases where a pedestrian is struck by a driver who runs a red light or a passenger is injured in a collision with a driver who disregarded a traffic signal, legal action may be taken. Traffic accidents often leave those impacted suffering painful and debilitating injuries. A personal injury attorney can assist in helping recover compensation related to medical expenses, lost wages and disability.

Source: CBS New York “Study: Nearly 10 Percent Of NYC Drivers, 15 Percent Of Cabs Run Red Lights,” June 3, 2015


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