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Two school buses collide on Long Island with student on board

May 24, 2014 | 0 comments

Earlier this month, we wrote about a fatal pedestrian accident that occurred on New York City’s Upper East Side. A pedestrian was struck and killed by a school bus with children on board. The tragedy of the situation was compounded by the fact that it was witnessed by kids.

School bus accidents are apparently becoming a common occurrence in NYC and the surrounding regions. Earlier this week, two school buses collided in a frightening intersection crash on Long Island. One of the buses was carrying a 7-year-old girl at the time.

The crash occurred in what appears to be a residential neighborhood, and it was captured on tape by a security camera at a day care center. The video shows a smaller school bus driving through the intersection when a larger bus blows through a stop sign and clips it from the side. The smaller bus skids sideways before tipping over. Amazingly, a 7-year-old girl aboard the smaller bus was not seriously injured; nor was either bus driver.

The accident may have been caused by driver negligence, inadequate signage or some combination of the two. Witnesses who live in the neighborhood have said that the stop sign is partially blocked by branches and can be difficult to see.

Regardless of the specific cause, it is more than a little unsettling to hear about accidents involving school buses. Many parents depend on the buses to get their children to and from school safely. They must literally entrust their children’s lives to these drivers. As such, any suggestion of negligence or reckless driving should be thoroughly investigated.

Source: CBS New York, “Child Survives Horrific School Bus Collision On Long Island,” May 21, 2014


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