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Tylenol settles for $25 million for manufacturing contaminated children’s medication

Mar 26, 2015 | 0 comments

McNeill PPC Incorporated, the maker of Tylenol and a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, recently pleaded guilty to a federal misdemeanor concerning the manufacturing and sale of contaminated children’s medication. The case ended in a settlement with Johnson and Johnson paying out $25 million dollars in fines.

The lawsuit began in 2009 when a parent found what appeared to be black specks floating in a bottle of Children’s Tylenol. Evidence revealed that the company had been aware of metal particles contaminating the medication at the plant, but continued the manufacturing process regardless. The metal particles were later traced to machinery at the facility and found to contain nickel and chromium. Although the company investigated the source of the contamination, McNeill PPC acknowledged that measures were not taken following the investigation to ensure the quality or safety of the product.

This has not been the only lawsuit Tylenol has faced in recent years. In fact, since 2009, Johnson and Johnson have had numerous product recalls. In 2010, McNeil recalled forty different liquid medications, including 136 million children’s liquid medication bottles. Seven deaths were reported in connection with the recalled medication, and 800 additional complaints were filed with the FDA. The recall forced the Fort Washington, Pennsylvania plant to shut down and the company suffered a $900 million loss in sales as a result of the recalled medication. In 2011, another lawsuit was brought against the makers of Tylenol for liver problems associated with the medication, including claims for negligence, strict liability, fraudulent concealment and breach of warranty. The Fort Washington plant has since closed and been rebuilt, but has not yet reopened.

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