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Truck Accident FAQ

In the aftermath of a truck accident, all parties involved will be faced with the difficult task of picking up the pieces and working toward recovery. Such a task can be particularly difficult for the victims of this type of accident, because lawsuits and claims involving collisions of this nature can be particularly complex.


Many trucking companies have aggressive lawyers already on their side in the event that an accident should occur, and this means that you too will need an equally skillful attorney on your side. At Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, you can find exactly that. Under the direction of a New York City personal injury lawyer at our office, questions that you have about your case can be answered with the authority that you need to feel confident about moving forward with legal action.

Answers From A New York City Truck Accident Attorney

How can an attorney help me with my case?

As we briefly touched upon above, trucking companies are always armed and prepared for a potential accident. As such, many of these companies already have attorneys working for them before an accident ever even occurs. Such attorneys can be extremely aggressive and underhanded in their defense of the trucking company, making your need for personal legal representation all the more necessary. Only with a personal injury lawyer on your side can you feel confident in your ability to fight the challenges that will inevitably be made by the trucker’s own professional legal representation.

After an accident, the trucking company will inevitably be thinking about the money that they could stand to lose from any claim or lawsuit that is brought against it. Accordingly, the company, along with its insurance provider and representative attorney, will all be prepared to go to battle to conserve the money that stands to be lost. If you don’t have an attorney on your side to help combat these intentions, you could be vastly undercompensated, which is why it is so important to work with an attorney at this time.

How do I know if the trucker or trucking company is at fault?

As the victim of a trucking accident, it is not your responsibility to determine who is at fault for the accident; this is a task for your attorney. If you were wrongfully injured in any type of accident involving a commercial motor vehicle, then legal representation can be sought for the purpose of helping you seek the compensation that is rightfully owed to you as a victim. Part of the attorney’s job at this time will be to review the details of the accident for the purpose of establishing who or what was at fault. After that, a case can be built on your behalf.

If I was driving in the blind spot of the truck when I was hit does that mean I don’t have a case?

Driving in a trucker’s blind spot, or “no zone”, is certainly dangerous; however, it is not grounds for disqualification from seeking compensation through an accident claim or lawsuit. Very often, the investigations that are made after a truck accident reveals that the trucker was in violation of one or more of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, and as such, should still be held at fault for the accident that occurred.

Regardless of the circumstances that were involved in your accident, it is important to remember that there may be details about the collision of which you are unaware, or that you do not remember. Accordingly, an attorney should be involved to ensure that every aspect of the case is fully dissected before an ultimate decision is made as to whether or not to make a claim or lawsuit.

If compensation is awarded to me for my accident, who will be responsible for paying the money that is owed?

When a trucking accident claim or lawsuit is made, it’s not uncommon for more than one party to be held responsible for the damages that were incurred. When multiple parties are held responsible for an accident, it can make the entire situation more complicated, which is why a personal injury attorney should be involved in the matter as early as possible. Together, the legal team representing your case can work toward determining who should be held responsible for your accident, thus establishing who will be expected to pay for the damages that were caused.

At this time, you can expect to receive low-ball settlement offers from the insurance company that is representing the trucking company/trucker. Without legal representation acting on your behalf, you could be at a clear disadvantage because the insurance company of any responsible party will almost always try to get you to disagree to a settlement amount that is far less than what you deserve. In order to ensure that the right party is held responsible for the right amount of money, work with a truck accident lawyer from our office.

What steps do I need to take immediately following the accident I was involved in?

The actions that you take after a truck accident of any nature could dramatically affect the outcome of your case. As such, it is important to know exactly what steps should be made in the hours, days and weeks following a truck accident in the state of New York. After checking to make sure that all parties involved are safe, police and medical professionals should be called to the scene. If possible, it would also be a good idea to take pictures of the damages to all vehicles involved. Whether or not your vehicle was damaged in the accident, do not move it until it has been appraised. As soon as possible, you should also involve an attorney in the matter. With professional legal representation on your side, you can be guided through every step of the legal process, thus lifting any worry you might have about what expectations need to be met at this time.

More Questions? Contact Us Today!

Collectively, the personal injury lawyers at our firm have more than 60 years of experience working in the legal field, and as such, we recognize that the questions concerning victims of accidents are not few and far between. If you still have questions after reading our FAQ page, we encourage you to contact our office for a free, no-obligation consultation. When we meet, you will have the opportunity to have the rest of your questions answered. Contact us today for additional information.


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